Lycoming College’s fundraising success shows momentum

Lycoming College launched a $65 million capital fundraising campaign three years ago.

The “Campaign for a Greater Lycoming” wound up raising more than $79 million to improve several academic programs and pay for its new Center for Academic Experiences.

Impressively, the money came from 12,055 donors.

The upbeat numbers tell us three things:

The college has chosen the correct priorities for its future, choices that have the approval of people interested in the school.

That approval is grassroots and broad-based. Otherwise, there would not be more than 12,000 donors contributing to the campaign.

And, finally, the school has some positive momentum to build its future on, momentum that is hard to get in this era when small, private colleges are struggling to maintain a thriving presence.

Here’s hoping the school can continue building on that momentum.


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