Our waterways, our river, our great outdoors

Countdown to Thanksgiving

One thing people around here speak about with great pride is our outdoors.

This region is a prime spot for all sorts of outdoor activities.

Those who like to hunt and fish are seldom disappointed with the local offerings, but they are not alone. Our great outdoors beckons to many.

There’s a wealth of bicycle trails from Montoursville to Williamsport and South Williamsport, from Jersey Shore to the Pine Creek Valley and north through Tioga County.

Like to ski? We have that too. Like to leaf peep? We have those opportunities as well. How about our waterways, from the creeks throughout the region to the West Branch of the Susquehanna River that connects us — plenty of reason to head outdoors. Fresh air and changing seasons are hallmarks of north central Pennsylvania.

We’d like to think that there are few places on this planet that compare to what we have right here in our backyard, and for this family friendly environment we are very, very thankful.


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