State House Speaker discovers what makes Penn College special

It’s safe to say Pennsylvania’s speaker of the House of Representatives does not see much that surprises him.

And Mike Turzai, the current House Speaker from Allegheny County, had heard plenty of good things about the Pennsylvania College of Technology before he came for a recent visit.

Then he toured the school’s Welding and Metal Fabrication Technologies Center, the Advanced Manufacturing Labs and the Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology Center.

“Given the breadth and depth of the quality of the faculty, machinery, equipment in the curriculum … oh my goodness, I was so impressed … overwhelmed,” he said.

He came here thinking industries need to hear from the people who prepare their work forces in an effort to improve Pennsylvania.

He left thinking more graduates from Penn College would make that possible.

“We need to get more students here from all corners of the state,” he said, adding that industries “need people who are graduating from Pennsylvania College of Technology.”

Turzai’s discovery is, of course, not a surprise to us. We have been singing the praises of Penn College for years.

We believe it represents what college education is supposed to be. And what it is, far too often, not.

In an age when a college education too often feels more like a four-year phase of political indoctrination, Penn College, particularly in its technical programming, offers practical education that can be successfully translated into real life skills that perfectly fit a broad sector of the job market.

The result is a near perfect job placement record for the school — and an important economic asset for the state of Pennsylvania.


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