Rep. Everett keyed his representation on his constituents

State Rep. Garth D. Everett, a Muncy Township Republican who serves much of our region from his seat in the 84th House District, is observing a self-imposed term limit.

After seven terms in office, Everett recently told the Sun-Gazette editorial board that he will bow out when his current two-year term expires at the end of the year.

We respect that. Term limits can be a hot issue — career politicians are considered a bane.

Everett served his district well over the past 13 years, and we’re sure he will have the people’s interests in mind as he completes his 14th year.

His record is that of a solid representative of his constituents. Everett started almost every editorial board meeting with the Sun-Gazette talking about what constituents were telling him and their views on particular issues rather than his. He listened hard in an era when too many elected officials hardly listen.

He seemed to really put more than lip service on the constituents-first approach. He seemed to believe in it. And that kept him in touch with the priorities of his district.

He executed his political arguments in a plain-spoken manner, a refreshing departure from the political strong-arming that is all too prevalent these days.

His manner of operation provides a solid backdrop that we hope will be followed by his successor.

Regardless of which party it is, we don’t need someone who checks in with his political bosses each week before casting votes. We suspect there is far too much of that going on in Harrisburg.

We need an earnest representative who is in touch with constituents, not above them. We need a representative who will trumpet our priorities with pride.

That’s particularly important for a comparatively rural district in a state where rural issues tend to be sacrificed at the altar of urban numbers.

We haven’t always agreed with Rep. Everett his seven terms in office, but his manner of representation and sense of priorities has been praiseworthy.


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