Time for fishermen to weigh in on next state Trout Plan

We often hear community officials, notably police, asking the public to be their eyes and ears. We recently heard that type of plea from another segment of the community — the state Fish and Boat Commission.

Timothy Schaeffer, the commission’s executive director, recently went to the local chapter of Trout Unlimited to recruit their assistance in the next state Trout Plan, due out on July 1.

The commission is accepting comment this spring on the plan and values input from local anglers on issues affecting the fishing experience, such as better access to streams, the condition of the water or poor fish health in specific areas.

Admitting the commission staff cannot be everywhere, dedicated anglers such as those with Trout Unlimited are far more knowledgeable about local areas. As such, they may act as the eyes and ears of the commission and help to improve the fishing experience for seasoned veterans as well as those who cast a line only on occasion or are new to the sport.

This represents a good opportunity for the area’s trout fishermen to let their voices be heard and possibly effect change for the pastime they hold dear.

And it’s something else to do while contemplating the start of this year’s trout season — April 4 in 18 southeastern Pennsylvania counties and April 18 statewide.


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