Save rebellious spirit for when your liberties are in real jeopardy

We Americans are fiercely protective of our personal liberties. So when the government tells us to do something, we tend to resist.

Such is the case with the mask-wearing mandate, one of the protocols put in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

While many people have been adhering to the order of Gov. Tom Wolf to mask up when out in public places, a large number of other people continue to resist.

They may feel fine. They may not believe that the coronavirus is a big threat to them, even though they may carry it unknowingly without showing any symptoms.

No politician is going to tell them what to do.

Look, it is not as if we are being asked to give up any real liberties. The nation’s founders would have laughed at the thought of Americans rebelling against wearing face masks for a few hours a day, let alone a quick trip into the grocery store. They likely would have found it peculiar to see people staging protests against mask wearing.

How does donning a mask when you’re in a public place harm you? Do you think it makes you appear weak or afraid of COVID-19?

We believe it makes you look strong and compassionate that you are concerned about other people.

If you’re not wearing a mask in a crowd, you may be spreading the COVID-19 unknowingly.

You may pass it to the healthy young woman beside you. She transmits it to a teenager at the next store she visits. On Sunday, that teenager visits grandma and gives it to her.

And within a couple of weeks, the coronavirus transmission chain of which you are a part kills the little old lady you helped cross the street last December.

So get a mask and use it. You may save a life.

Save your rebellious spirit for a time when your liberties really are in jeopardy.


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