Time to overcome our weariness with resolve to stay safe

Gov. Wolf delivered more tough news this week.

“During the past week, we have seen an unsettling climb in new COVID-19 cases,” Gov. Wolf said. “When we hit our peak on April 9, we had nearly 2,000 new cases that day … Medical experts looking at the trajectory we are on now are projecting that this new surge could soon eclipse the April peak.”

With that news came new restrictions that will be tough to endure.

Tough, yes, in that we already have endured dramatic changes in our work, our lifestyles, our experience in this world. The weariness of it all is setting in.

Many of us have stepped up.

We’ve increased our hand-washing. We’ve seen far less of our family and friends. We’ve learned to keep our distance and wear masks out in public. We’ve continued to sanitize the spaces around us.

Others have not been as diligent in these prescribed efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19. They question the need given the relatively low number of cases in our rural region.

The price of ignoring the guidelines in other parts of the nation has been surges. Now we must consider the implications of travel to a growing number of states — it covers nearly half the nation — that are on a travel quarantine list.

Forget about that beach house you rented last winter before we realized that this pandemic was coming. You risk, at the least, having to spend two weeks in quarantine upon your return.

Forget that visit to family living in one of those states where cases are surging. It may be wise to delay that trip.

It’s important that we watch what is happening in other states, and that we take this seriously. It is spreading northward and eastward. Cases are on the rise in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Sandwiched in between, we must ensure that it is kept under control in our area.

Patrons of bars and restaurants have not abided by the guidelines as much as would be preferred, and this is unfortunate for the businesses that now face tightened restrictions.

We must all do what we can to support the businesses we patronized before the pandemic. Order takeout and delivery. Help them survive.

And please, wear a mask when you venture out and maintain a 6-foot distance. You may not be concerned, but it’s offensive to anyone who is concerned when you enter their personal space and don’t wear a mask. That is a matter of respect.

And this is what we need to do.


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