With every vote you cast on Tuesday

This Tuesday, Nov. 3, brings an election perhaps unlike any other, complicated by modern times and room-darkening curtains over what should be windows of transparency.

Politics long have involved twisted versions of the truth, with either side going after the other with increasing levels of attack.

Behavior by candidates and a refusal to give straight-forward answers to questions further cloud the picture.

Complicate that by modern technology and stories not based on fact that circulate online via social media.

Before you buy into any story, we urge you, look for the source.

Is this a credible news agency?

Or is it coming from something invented by other forces — from biased political machines to enemy states — that are designed to sway votes?

Look for the red flags, and there are many.

If you have not yet voted and intend to show up in person to cast ballots on Tuesday, we suggest a strong dose of skepticism and time spent this weekend sorting through what you’ve absorbed before deciding your final votes.

Yes, a great many people have long been decided — many have already mailed in their ballots.

But for those who haven’t, including the ones on the fence, the time to decide is near.

Pennsylvania’s popular vote may decide who will be the nation’s president for the next four years.

There’s an opportunity to steer this election in a legitimate direction based more on discernable fact than on fiction and “fake news.”

Discern the real facts and apply your beliefs, your values and your hopes for our great Democracy with every vote you cast.


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