As numbers go up, please, continue to follow protocol


That’s our view of the constable — maskless — who reportedly told voters at one city polling site on Tuesday that they did not need to wear masks or engage in social distancing. His photo was quickly circulated on social media.

Meanwhile, the Voter Services Office was encouraging social distancing and mask wearing, complete with signs saying as much and hand sanitizer to further protect the voting public.

There were periods at the polls on Election Day when voters had to wait in long lines — 45 minutes was not unusual — both outside and inside polling places.

Despite concerns about the spread of the coronavirus in crowded situations, voters turned out courageously in record numbers.

That says something about the passion of the average American for our nation. The fact that the vast majority remembered to wear a mask and maintain distance says something about their concern for their individual health as well as that of their neighbors.

Anyone who chooses not to follow the protocol, well, that’s on them.

But to dismiss the need to exercise these safety measures so easily — that just has great potential to negatively affect others.

And it happened on the same day that the state Department of Health reported the highest daily increase in COVID-19 cases at 2,875.

Another 2,795 positive cases were reported on Wednesday, putting the statewide total at 217,666, with a recovery rate of 75 percent.

That tells us that it would be wise to take precautions and work collectively to keep our communities safe.


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