It’s cash vs. traffic flow at the Golden Strip

The price of low taxes is a healthy commercial zone, but that too comes at a cost.

When asked to approve a land development plan for a new Popeye’s Restaurant on the Golden Strip, the Loyalsock Township Supervisors were met by a number of residents concerned that more traffic could be pushed off of the already congested Golden Strip onto the side streets to its north.

They are right to be concerned.

For the past half decade, a brisk coffee business at the Dunkin’ there has generated long lines of vehicles waiting to turn into the drive-through lane from the Golden Strip.

Township Supervisor John Bower described that situation as “a nightmare.”

Indeed. Even though the commercial strip is four lanes, when two lanes — one from each direction — are lined with waiting cars, it increases the potential for accidents along this busy thoroughfare.

Now, with another very popular fast food restaurant preparing to open at the intersection with Russell Avenue, neighbors fear that the operation will increase traffic on nearby side streets. For more immediate neighbors, the popularity of this chain summons images of Dunkin’-like lines in front of their homes impacting their access.

Just imagine. Roughly 70 vehicles an hour during peak hours passing by your home.

With safety in mind, the township is turning to the state Department of Transportation for assistance with delineation marks on East Third to prevent traffic from turning left onto Russell.

Even so, Bower predicted “a headache coming.”

That said, it may be time for PennDOT to take a deeper look at the Golden Strip with a mind for easing the situation near Dunkin’ as well.

The positive side of the situation is that these businesses and others in this busy area help to keep taxes low, as Supervisor Virginia M. Eaton noted.

It is why this section of East Third Street was given the nickname of the Golden Strip decades ago.


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