We must strengthen our self-sufficiency regarding energy

We agree with U.S. Rep. Fred Keller, R-Kreamer, that America needs to ramp up energy exploration and production to keep our nation from relying on any foreign countries — certainly our adversaries — for oil or gas.

And we encourage you to read some of what Keller’s resolution says.

“The United States should support the safe and responsible development of its energy resources via drilling in an effort to maintain a robust energy supply chain that promotes national security, safeguards against energy scarcity, and reduces energy poverty for all Americans.”

We emphasize his words “safe and responsible development”

And there’s more you should know:

“Whereas the timely delivery of affordable energy domestically and internationally requires an advanced and robust domestic energy supply chain; Whereas energy workers and businesses require clear and supportive Federal policy to adequately maintain and develop the domestic energy supply chain to meet growing energy needs; Whereas the Biden administration has taken steps, through executive action as well as in rhetoric, to limit American drillers’ ability to develop the strategic oil and natural gas resources of the United States; … Whereas increased production and use of American natural gas have helped the United States reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 22 percent from 2005 levels.”

Keller’s position is clear: “I know here in America, we do it better … We do it more safely. It’s a matter of national security and economic security for the United States,” he said.

America will have to help provide natural gas and oil to Europe as it weans itself off Russia, all the while taking care of our own. While this is happening, we also must develop more green energy by way of solar and wind for domestic consumption.

But there is no reason our leaders cannot grow our gas and oil supply while also growing green energy domestically for household consumption — therefore over time becoming less dependent on fossil fuels.

It’s the right balance to strike.

Our self-sufficient future depends on it.


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