The Lineup

The following people have been in the limelight for the past decade. Many you may recognize for their high rank in government, politics, media international figures, etc. Some of these were in the “swamp” that our President referred to. Some of them lacked the fortitude that you and I would expect them to have. Others derided America and our constitution. These spurious and diffident powerful people were an ignominy to our country.

Here we go: Hillary R. Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, B. Hussein Obama, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Christopher Steele, Brennon, Comey, Clapper, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, George Soros, Adam Schiff, Rosenstein, Andrew Weissman, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Robert Mueller, George Kent, Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, Jerry Nadler, Dick Durbin, Patty Murray, Patrick Leahy, Ron Wyden, Jack Reed, etc.

The top quarter of the list are headed for indictments coming from our conservative lawyers in Washington D.C. These lawyers are referred to as “white supremacists” by Antifa and BLM. No one on the list is “above the law”.

It is surprising to me to see educated and successful people drift so far left of the principles of our constitution. These types are ubiquitous; it seems like the whole bunch need recycled. This group is spread out through the DPJ, FBI, EPA, democrat party, media, and more. We are referencing nefarious activity in federal, state and local governments.

Just minutes ago, while putting these thoughts in print; I heard that DeBlasio is shutting down New York City. Hasn’t anyone informed him that 500,000 New Yorkers have fled the state? Within the last hour, I read about the thousands of businesses, namely restaurants which have been thriving for decades, are leaving or closing down for good. Add insult-to-injury and you’ll find they are one hundred million dollars in debt. Who’s paying this, when business, etc. are vacant? People and businesses are calling DeBlasio, AOC and the ilk “insane”. I won’t address that here, but I will mention President Trump is on track with vaccines for our nation. It’s happening and see if the media gives him the credit or at least some. Cuomo has problems he is not equipped to handle and it is huge. Because of COVID, we all have our own problems, how does one handle them? One good way, as a Christian or Jewish believer, you know what to do. You give it to the Lord. He guides you over bumps in the road and he even helps an old guy like me climb mountains, What else could one ask for? No stress, good health, success overflowing. It doesn’t get any better than that. “God is in charge”.


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