Wrong again

In his column today, David Troisi claims Democrats tried to block electoral votes in 2001, 2005, and 2017. While technically true, these efforts bear no resemblance to Republican Party efforts this year by Sen. Ted Cruz et al and Republican Rep. Fred Keller et al.

In 2001, members of the Black Caucus tried to get Florida’s 25 electoral votes rejected. You may recall that the Supreme Court, by a one-vote margin, chose George W. Bush president when they stopped the Florida recount after what was clearly a flawed election. Vice-President Al Gore, following the Constitution, nevertheless presided over his own defeat.

In 2005, a group of senators challenged Ohio’s electoral votes. They were trying to point out the need for election reforms, and their efforts were defeated 267-31 in the House and 74-1 in the Senate. Must have been a lot of Democrats voting to uphold the Constitution.

In 2017, the Democratic effort was put down by no other than Joe Biden, who suggested fellow Democrats acknowledge their loss.

In none of these years did armed mobs attack Congress. No one was killed. There was no arming of National Guard units or walling off of the Capitol to prevent violence. No disgruntled Democrats mobbed the Capitol or all the state capitols. No death threats were made. The sooner Republicans admit that the events during this year’s meeting of the Electors was undemocratic, dangerous, criminal and unprecedented, the sooner we may be able to heal this nation.



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