Ezekiel Emanuel is dangerous

Joe Biden appointed Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, brother of Rham Emanuel, to his Public Health Advisory Committee (PHAC). God only knows what Biden was thinking when he tabbed this man for his PHAC. Emanuel’s views are completely out of the mainstream of normal medical practice in America. He’s a real threat to any human being over the age of 75. This “doctor” has opined that those over the age of 75 should be told to stop taking all medications and “let nature take its course.”

In other words, just die. He has actually argued that those over 75 don’t really merit medical care because of the cost and the fact they’ve already reached the age of “feebleness.” Emanuel is noted for writing a rather strange article for The Atlantic entitled “Why I Hope to Die at 75.”

Recently, Emanuel has slammed what he called “vaccine nationalism” because he feels the United States and other “rich” nations (who’ve developed the vaccines) should not vaccinate their own elderly first because they have fewer years left to live anyway. He advocates vaccinating poorer countries first because they have more younger people who have more years to live.

If Biden follows the advice of this nut with his radical ideas, allocation of healthcare resources in America will be based primarily on the age of the patients. Could this be a renewal of the notion of “death panels” which Obama denied existed?

This “good doctor” was one of the chief architects of ObamaCare and was the source of the most radical ideas built into the law. His position on rationing healthcare for senior citizens worries me since I’m 76 years old. Biden should also be concerned as he is 78 years old. Emanuel would probably gleefully “pull the plug” on Joe if he became somewhat ill. You know … if Dr. Kevorkian who was nicknamed Dr. Death was still alive, Emanuel and Kevorkian could share a medical practice partnership. What a pair that would be.

Before the recent election, many folks were concerned about Joe’s judgement, keenness of mind and thinking, his overall mental acuity. In light of some of his recent appointments and others who may be coming, there may be reason to be concerned.


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