Changing times means opportunity for students, inclusivity of process

For more than 60 years, Lock Haven University has held a special place in my life and heart. Lock Haven State Teacher’s College, as it was known when I attended in the late 1950s and early 60s, gave me a wonderful start in life. In 1961, I graduated with a degree in Health and Physical Education and went on to pursue a career in dentistry and orthodontics that spanned more than three decades. I owe much of my success to the education I received at Lock Haven and I made many lifelong friends.

The Durrwachter family has had a very long and connected relationship from the time that my mother attended the State Normal School. Through the years we have seen the University go through many changes. From State Teacher’s College to State College, and eventually University. Amidst all the changes, one thing has remained the same — the opportunities Lock Haven has afforded its students.

As planning continues for University integrations, I have confidence that those opportunities for our region’s students will remain and become stronger than ever. Giving students access to a wider range of programs, talented faculty, and experiential learning opportunities is a good thing for our community, the region, and the next generation of Lock Haven students.

Growth and change are nothing new for our state universities. I’ve seen our institutions evolve over several decades to meet the needs of our students and the workforce they will eventually enter. As the healthcare industry evolved, so too did LHU, expanding its offerings in the Health Sciences and developing a Physician Assistant program that now stands as a signature example of the University’s strength in educating future healthcare professionals and ability to adapt.

We have a large group of talented people working together to bring University integrations to fruition in a thoughtful and purposeful manner. Over 900 people across three campuses are currently engaged in integration planning. I know and have met many of them through my years as an alumnus, foundation board member, and trustee, and firmly believe that they are working with the best interest of students at heart. One-third of those actively engaged in the integration planning process are faculty, who have a keen understanding of how best to provide a rigorous and quality education that will create new and meaningful opportunities while preparing students for whatever the future holds.

I encourage you to learn more about the integration process through the University’s website at www.lockhaven.edu/integration. There you can view the timeline, previously published information, and frequently asked questions. I also urge you to become involved in the process.

Reach out and ask questions, or share your thoughts and ideas. Our goal is a brighter future filled with enriching opportunities for the students in our community and I believe we will see that goal fulfilled through University integrations.

Dr. George Durrwachter is an LHU alumnus, longtime member/chair (recently retired) of the LHU Council of Trustees and past member/president of the LHU Foundation Board.


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