Golf tip of the week: Same length irons are here to stay

PHOTO PROVIDED Same length clubs should be custom fit for best results.

Many new inventions and not so new inventions have been introduced over the years. I have lived long enough to see many golf club designs come and go and reappear again, like the Stand Alone putter.

The truth is there was a standup putter on the market in the 1990s. It lasted for a year or two, then vanished. Now, the same concept is back.

I could go on and on about all the different fads and so-called inventions. I refer to them as rebirths.

The same length irons were introduced in the 1980s by the Tommy Armour Golf. It wasn’t a big hit at the time. I am happy to say the new seven-iron length irons of today have become a big success.

It’s also common sense to hit all seven-iron length irons. A golfer can address the ball with the same back angle and position the ball in the same place with every iron, creating consistency.

It’s also the answer for golfers that have trouble hitting the longer irons. Yes, the same length clubs go just as far if not further than the conventional irons.

Don’t forget to enjoy this great game called golf.

Rick Musselman, golf author and professional, owns Musselman’s Golf in Williamsport.


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