Montoursville has 8 on HAC-II all-star first team in high school football

Montoursville had eight first-team HAC-II selections on the football all-star team, which was released this weekend. Loyalsock had six players named to the first team in Division III.

Both schools also had a player named the Overall Athlete in their respective divisions.

Montoursville’s Dylan Bennett was named the HAC-I Overall Athlete in addition to earning first-team nods at tight end and outside linebacker. Dillon Young also earned three first-team spots as a wide receiver, defensive back and kicker.

The Warriors’ Hunter Hanna (offensive lineman), Rocco Pulizzi (running back), Gavin Livermore (defensive tackle), Zach Schmalhofer (defensive end), CJ Signor (inside linebacker) and Dylan Moll (defensive back) earned honors.

Lewisburg had a pair of first-team all-stars in Division I in Cam Michaels (defensive back) and Jack Landis (punter).

Loyalsock’s Chase Cavanaugh was named the Division III Overall Athlete in addition to being a first-team quarterback.

The Lancers also had Jeff Hamilton (offensive lineman), Naz Smith (wide receiver), JerVal Weeks-Shuler (wide receiver), Aeden Holler (defensive end) and Rian Glunk (defensive back) honored.

Hughesville’s Hayden Robbins was named a first-team offensive lineman in Division III. Warrior Run’s Dominic Buss was named a first-team punter.



QUARTERBACK: Branden Wheary, Jersey Shore.

OFFENSIVE LINE: Lee Springman, Jersey Shore; Joe Lorson, Jersey Shore; Hunter Rodarmel, Shamokin; Jake Welch, Central Mountain; Sean Sprague, Central Mountain.

TIGHT END: Micah Miller, Shamokin.

RUNNING BACK: Cam Allison, Jersey Shore; Max Madden, Shamokin.

WIDE RECEIVER: Cayden Hess, Jersey Shore; Billy Delbaugh, Shamokin; Peyton Johnson, Central Mountain.

DEFENSIVE TACKLES: Colin Samar, Jersey Shore; Nate Schon, Selinsgrove.

DEFENSIVE END: Dalton Dugan, Jersey Shore; Quincey Myers, Jersey Shore.

INSIDE LINEBACKERS: Hayden Packer, Jersey Shore; Ryan Aument, Selinsgrove.

OUTSIDE LINEBACKERS: Brandon Hile, Selinsgrove; Anton Stratts, Central Mountain.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: Cayden Hess, Jersey Shore; Owen Anderson, Jersey Shore; Kooper Peacock, Jersey Shore; Nate Aument, Selinsgrove.

KICKER: Cam Allison, Jersey Shore.

PUNTER: Owen Anderson, Jersey Shore.

OVERALL ATHLETE: Owen Anderson, Jersey Shore.

COACH OF THE YEAR: Tom Gravish, Jersey Shore.


QUARTERBACK: Brett Nye, Shamokin.

OFFENSIVE LINE: Tyler Cygan, Central Mountain; Colin Samar, Jersey Shore; Eddie Woodring, Jersey Shore; Steven Miller, Selinsgrove; Ben Webb, Jersey Shore.

RUNNING BACK: Ryan Pentz, Central Mountain.

WIDE RECEIVER: Ryder Zulkowski, Shamokin; John Peifer, Shikellamy.

DEFENSIVE TACKLES: Karter Peacock, Jersey Shore; Lee Springman, Jersey Shore; Hunter Rodarmel, Shamokin.

DEFENSIVE END: Micah Miller, Shamokin; Steven Miller, Selinsgrove.

INSIDE LINEBACKERS: Gabe Packer, Jersey Shore; Ian Paul, Shamokin.

OUTSIDE LINEBACKERS: Scott Kissinger, Selinsgrove; Coltyn Sempko, Shikellamy.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: Cam Allison, Jersey Shore; Ryder Zulkowski, Shamokin; Teague Hoover, Selinsgrove; Collin Seedor, Shamokin.

OVERALL ATHLETE: Brett Foor, Selinsgrove.


QUARTERBACK: Drew Balestrini, Shikellamy.

OFFENSIVE LINE: Jared Oakes, Shikellamy; Vance Metzger, Selinsgrove.

DEFENSIVE TACKLES: Jake Welch, Central Mountain; Cyrus McCarl, Central Mountain; Ben Webb, Jersey Shore.

INSIDE LINEBACKERS: Corey Rumberger, Selinsgrove; Aston Canelo, Milton; Aaron Frasch, Shamokin; Duncan Weir, Shikellamy; Gage Wolfe, Shikellamy.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: Connor Fitzgerald, Shikellamy.

OVERALL ATHLETE: Xavier Minium, Milton.



QUARTERBACK: K.J. Riley, Danville.

OFFENSIVE LINE: Cade Dressler, Mifflinburg; Brady Hill, Danville; Garrick Feldmann, Lewisburg; Emmanuel Ulrich, Mifflinburg; Hunter Hanna, Montoursville.

TIGHT END: Dylan Bennett, Montoursville.

RUNNING BACK: Hunter Wolfley, Midd-West; Rocco Pulizzi, Montoursville.

WIDE RECEIVER: Carson Persing, Danville; Jagger Dressler, Danville; Dillon Young, Montoursville.

DEFENSIVE TACKLES: Gavin Livermore, Montoursville; Carter Crawford, Central Columbia.

DEFENSIVE END: Cade Dressler, Mifflinburg; Zach Schmalhofer, Montoursville; Brady Hill, Danville.

INSIDE LINEBACKERS: Mason Raup, Danville; C.J. Signor, Montoursville.

OUTSIDE LINEBACKERS: Dylan Bennett, Montoursville; Ian Persing, Danville.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: Dylan Moll, Montoursville; Cam Michaels, Lewisburg; Zach Gordon, Danville; Dillon Young, Montoursville.

KICKER: Dillon Young, Montoursville.

PUNTER: Jack Landis, Lewisburg.

OVERALL ATHLETE: Dylan Bennett, Montoursville.

COACH OF THE YEAR: Mike Brennan, Danville.


QUARTERBACK: Maddix Dalena, Montoursville.

OFFENSIVE LINE: Dylan Croner, Lewisburg; Carter Crawford, Central Columbia; Gabe Erdly, Danville; Sam Carson, Montoursville; Logan McWilliams, Central Columbia.

TIGHT END: Garrett Carter, Central Columbia.

RUNNING BACK: Max Moyers, Lewisburg; Andrew Diehl, Mifflinburg.

WIDE RECEIVER: Dylan Moll, Montoursville; Cam Michaels, Lewisburg; Eli Morrison, Central Columbia.

DEFENSIVE TACKLES: Emmanuel Ulrich, Mifflinburg; Brayden Swineford, Midd-West.

DEFENSIVE END: Owen Ordonez, Lewisburg; Jacob Fellinger, Montoursville.

INSIDE LINEBACKERS: Garrett Carter, Central Columbia; Trey Lauver, Midd-West.

OUTSIDE LINEBACKERS: Heath Jones, Montoursville; Jagger Dressler, Danville.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: Logan Callison, Lewisburg; Eli Morrison, Central Columbia; Ethan Lepley, Montoursville.

KICKER: Gabe Stetler, Mifflinburg.

PUNTER: K.J. Riley, Danville.

OVERALL ATHLETE: Hunter Wolfley, Midd-West; Jack Landis, Lewisburg.


QUARTERBACK: Jacob Reitz, Mifflinburg.

OFFENSIVE LINE: Justin Kutcher, Danville; Jake Moyer, Central Columbia; Thad Anderson, Montoursville.

TIGHT END: Ian Persing, Danville.

RUNNING BACK: Troy Johnson, Central Columbia; Dylan Moll, Montoursville; Colin Miller, Mifflinburg.

WIDE RECEIVER: Isaiah Fenner, Montoursville.

DEFENSIVE TACKLES: Tyler Simas, Danville.

INSIDE LINEBACKERS: Max Moyers, Lewisburg; Gabe Benjamin, Danville; C.J. Outt, Danville; Dylan Devlin, Central Columbia.

OUTSIDE LINEBACKERS: Troy Dressler, Mifflinburg; Jack Landis, Lewisburg; Zach Smith, Central Columbia.

KICKER: Mason Yorty, Central Columbia.

PUNTER: Mason Yorty, Central Columbia.

OVERALL ATHLETE: Colin Miller, Mifflinburg.



QUARTERBACK: Chase Cavanaugh, Loyalsock.

OFFENSIVE LINE: Derek Wertman, Southern Columbia; Jaxson Purnell, Southern Columbia; Chase Morris, Bloomsburg; Jeff Hamilton, Loyalsock; Hayden Robbins, Hughesville.

TIGHT END: Colin Sharrow, Southern Columbia.

RUNNING BACK: Gavin Garcia, Southern Columbia; Wes Barnes, Southern Columbia.

WIDE RECEIVER: Brody Hock, Bloomsburg; Naz Smith, Loyalsock; JerVal Weeks-Shuler, Loyalsock.

DEFENSIVE TACKLES: Braden Heim, Southern Columbia; Cole Stobo, Bloomsburg.

DEFENSIVE END: Derek Berlitz, Southern Columbia; Aeden Holler, Loyalsock.

INSIDE LINEBACKERS: Wade Kerstetter, Southern Columbia; Garrett Garcia, Southern Columbia.

OUTSIDE LINEBACKERS: Logan Potter, Southern Columbia; Brody Hock, Bloomsburg.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: Jake Davis, Southern Columbia; Nick Zeigler, Southern Columbia; Rian Glunk, Loyalsock; Ian Yoder, Southern Columbia.

PUNTER: Dominic Buss, Warrior Run.

OVERALL ATHLETE: Chase Cavanaugh, Loyalsock.

COACH OF THE YEAR: Jim Roth, Southern Columbia.


QUARTERBACK: Jack Howell, Bloomsburg.

OFFENSIVE LINE: Caleb Long, Warrior Run; Dre Taylor, Loyalsock; Aeden Holler, Loyalsock; Braden Snyder, Warrior Run; Aspen Stahl-Emig, Loyalsock.

RUNNING BACK: Korie Mayer, Loyalsock; Colton Yocum, Hughesville.

WIDE RECEIVER: Rian Glunk, Loyalsock.

DEFENSIVE TACKLES: Dre Taylor, Loyalsock; Jeff Hamilton, Loyalsock.

DEFENSIVE END: Tyler Chulock, Bloomsburg; Devon Yocum, Bloomsburg; Brandon Gedman, Southern Columbia.

INSIDE LINEBACKERS: Caleb Martz, Bloomsburg; Cy Cavanaugh, Loyalsock.

OUTSIDE LINEBACKERS: Logan Bastian, Loyalsock; Joeb Schurer, Loyalsock.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: Danny Guzevich, Bloomsburg; Chase Cavanaugh, Loyalsock; Nathan Michael, Warrior Run; Damon Rasmussen, Bloomsburg.


OFFENSIVE LINE: Julian Wilson, Loyalsock.

RUNNING BACK: Nick Barone, Loyalsock.

DEFENSIVE TACKLES: Braden Snyder, Warrior Run.

DEFENSIVE END: Hayden Robbins, Hughesville; Korie Mayer, Loyalsock; Hunter Herr, Hughesville.

INSIDE LINEBACKERS: Logan Smedley, Warrior Run; Nick Barone, Loyalsock.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: Tyler Gee, Loyalsock.


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