Probation for ambusher in self-defense shooting

Tyler Wayne Cagle, 21, one of the men who was shot by Dustan Paulhamus in what a jury deemed was self-defense earlier this month will be on probation for the next two years for the actions that led to the fatal shooting.

Cagle, of Williamsport, pleaded guilty and was sentenced in Lycoming County Court Friday to serve two years of supervision for his role in the Aug. 4, 2015 shooting.

Cagle, 24-year-old Thomas Myers Carstetter and William “Chaz” Sawyer were waiting for Paulhamus in a Newberry Estates apartment belonging to Paulhamus’ ex-girlfriend, Kirsten Sedlock.

Cagle and Carstetter began beating Paulhamus and at some point throughout the fight, Paulhamus fired two shots from a .32 caliber handgun.

He shot Cagle and Sawyer, who was only 18 years old at the time.

Sawyer died of the single wound to the heart.

The moments right before the shooting were caught on a cellphone camera held by Sawyer.

The footage become a key piece of evidence in Paulhamus’ trial.

After three days of testimony analyzing details of what the attorneys agreed was an unusual case, a jury aquitted Paulhamus of voluntary manslaughter and aggravated assault charges.

He was found guilty of tampering with evidence and for carrying the firearm while under the age of 21 and for throwing it into a forest in Old Lycoming Township moments after the shooting.

Cagle, Carstetter and Paulhamus all lied to police about what happened just after noon that day.

“Me and Tommy came up with it (the false story) because we didn’t want Dustan to get off with a self-defense plea,” Cagle said during testimony. “… Because that’s not the case. He was not fending for his life. The fight was over. Chaz needs his justice and Dustan getting self-defense isn’t justice.”

Paulhamus told jurors that he lied because he was afraid of getting in trouble.

Carstetter, who also testified during the trial, was charged with aggravated assault, involuntary manslaughter and other charges and is pending trial, according to court documents.

Sedlock also has been charged and is scheduled to plead guilty in April.