21st Century Signs has national impact

The work of 21st Century Signs can be seen throughout the county and across the country. From Clyde Peeling’s Reptiland and Susquehanna Health to the food court at Lincoln Financial Field for the Philadelphia Eagles and FNB Field in Harrisburg were made in Williamsport.

The company, 701 First St., began in 1997 by Ronald Clapper and has significantly grown to what it is today, said Bill Miller general manager.

Around 20 employees create signs for locations across the Northeast like schools, banks, hospitals and restaurants as well as locations in Washington, Texas, Nevada and California, he said.

Either a client will contact them directly or they will go through a smaller sign company that cannot build it, he said.

The company is able to work with a client through the entire creation of the sign which sets them apart from other companies, he said.

They have the tools to do each step under one roof.

They have in-house designers who sketch out what the client is looking for, said Miller.

Next the signs are crafted and painted in their shop then if the location is in the state or borders it, they will install it.

The entire process can take four to six weeks depending on the project, he said.

To create unique signs, the company has tools such as CNC routers, a sand blaster, detailers and large format printers, he said.

There is a lot of diversity in what they can do, he said.

Other than outdoor signs they do interior directional signs for schools and hospitals.

Besides signs, the company can create truck sticker wraps, posters, TV enclosures, trade show booths and other custom concepts, he said.

“If you can dream it up we should be able to build it,” commented Miller.

Their most recent large scale project is for the Atlanta Braves’ Turner Field, he said.