The Barn at Greystone: A setting for everyone

The Barn at Greystone sits among rich farmland of Northumberland County, a picturesque setting that beckons motorists and others passerby to want to stop and have a look around..

Not surprisingly, what remains a working horse farm has become a venue for weddings and other special events.

“It is shaping up the way I dreamed it would be,” Daphne Bowers, owner of the business at 106 Welliver Road, Watsontown, said.

Sharing the farm with others is what she had long hoped to do.

The 93-acre site, featuring a large renovated barn, provides a setting for both indoor and outside activities.

“It’s been a couple of years in the making,” Bowers said.

People can book the farm for weddings, birthday parties, reunions, rehearsal dinners, baby showers, or worship groups.

Since opening in 2017, it’s become a popular venue.

Right now, the farm is just entering its busiest months of the year.

“Everyone seems to want an event in the fall,” Bowers said. “We are booked solid from August to October.”

The restored barn features a spacious first floor — perfect for indoor activities — with a staircase winding up to a loft area.

Other rooms on the first floor include an area used for a bridal lounge or other purposes.

First-time visitors, Bowers noted, often marvel at the size of the barn’s interior.

The farm, with its eye-catching rural scenery including a pond and apple orchard, offers many areas for photography.

“We are equipped to do parties,” Bowers said. “We can do corporate events. We are completely wired. We have all the technology that anyone needs.”

She said the farm has always been special to her, but now others get to see it and enjoy its beauty.

The aim of the business, she said, is to ensure that each event is memorable for each couple or group that uses it.

“Planning an event is a big part of the process,” she said.

The historic nature of the farm is also important to her.

Originally owned by the Moser family, the limestone foundation of the barn dates to 1818.

“My excitement about it is everyone makes it their own,” she said.

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