Circle of suspicion correctly tightening on Hillary Clinton’s emails

Hillary Clinton has been protected by everyone, from her husband and former President Bill Clinton, to the mainstream media to President Obama.

But politics does not trump the law, or obvious transgressions against the trust of the American people.

So the circle of suspicion is correctly getting tight around Hillary Clinton.

U.S. District Judge Richard Leon gave the State Department deadlines – before most primary elections – to turn over thousands of documents regarding Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state.

It required a lawsuit by The Associated Press to get the court order.

Some of the AP’s requests for documents are years old. One dates back five years.

Leon was right to order an end to the delays. But the situation raises questions about just how deeply the Obama administration is involved in attempting to elect Clinton president.

Once the emails were turned over, Clinton’s problems, not surprisingly, multiplied. She turned over her private server to the Justice Department on the same day Congress got word that at least two emails that traversed the device while she was secretary of state contained information that warranted one of the government’s highest levels of classification.

So we already know she lied to the American people when she said there were only personal emails on the server several months ago.

The claim that this is nothing more than a political witchhunt no longer washes.

Beyond obvious competency questions, there are real questions about whether Hillary Clinton or someone in her circle broke the law. And for the American people of all political stripes, it is fair to wonder whether she is fit to be trusted and lead them in the office she is seeking.