West End Ripken team headed to state tourney

The 10-and-under West End Cal Ripken baseball all stars have captured a district title and look to win its first game today as it begins play in the state tournament Saturday in Spring-Ford.

“It feels really good to know that your team has the potential to play in the state tournament,” said player Xavier Taylor.

The team will have its first game at 8 a.m. against the host team. Following a tough championship series two weekends ago, the team appreciates still having the opportunity to play baseball.

“I’m glad we still have a chance to play baseball like this and I am so happy for everyone,” said player Cameron Sims.

Head coach Damone Buxton couldn’t be happier for his team and staff.

“This has all been a blessing honestly. It’s just a great thing to have a league that allows kids to play some extra ball and it’s evolved since then,” said Buxton. “It’s like a huge melting pot. We have so many kids from so many areas and for them to come together and play so well together says a lot.”

Cal Ripken Baseball has extended many hopes and dreams for the young ball players. “I get to hang out with people who I might not know before this, but I get to make new friends and have fun.” said Braegin Buxton.

Generally during this time, we hear a lot about the 11-12 year olds during this time of summer, but make way for the new kids on the block. With so much talent and the eager to succeed, practice has been something the kids fully understand.

“We just love baseball and it’s really fun to play with my friends during summer,” said player Lane Lusk.

The team was put together in the beginning of the summer.

“These kids simply have fun and that’s what it’s all about. Not to mention, the coaching staff is wonderful here. It makes this easy and with the guys I have, it’s a great coaching combination,” said Damone Buxton.

West End Cal Ripken will play two games on Saturday and two games on Sunday. The 10-team tournament will feature pool play format and consist of two divisions with five teams, advancing the top two teams in each division for play on Monday.