JSHS implements College and Career Readiness

College and Career Readiness is giving a new shape in public education. With the implementation of Career Education and Workforce Standards, Jersey Shore High School is working to prepare students not just for college, but for high priority occupations.

Students receive educational and workforce training in high school that will allow them to fill jobs that are projected to be in high demand in the coming years throughout the state. A focus is on the development of proper skills for sustainable employment.

Jersey Shore School District has put into place programs that expose students to various types of careers as early as elementary school. Students explore different occupations in middle school, and then at the high school level students choose a pathway that integrates a liberal arts content with job-specific skill development.

Pennsylvania has targeted industry clusters which Jersey Shore High School used to design the education pathways. These education pathways include: Arts and communications, business, finance and information technology, engineering and industrial technology, human services and science and health.

Jersey Shore High School has used this information to design a progression of courses that provides students with the skills needed to help them be successful in these areas, whether it be at college or in the workforce, following graduation.

A main goal of the shift to College and Career Readiness is to increase employability and college preparedness. The pathway system has been used at Jersey Shore High School since 2015, prior to the state implementing standards that focused on workforce preparation.

Students at the high school are prepared for a career or the workforce across content areas. Students across grade levels and subject areas learn about career acquisition, job-specific skills, applications and cover letters, interview skills, career retention and advancement.

Through their coursework they develop job-specific skills in such areas as public speaking, personal finance and computer applications. The high school also offers an entrepreneurship course which is quickly becoming a focus of colleges and communities who hope to find innovative individuals to support the economy.


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