New mayor begins first day of term

KAREN VIBERT-KENNEDY/Sun-Gazette Janice Frank, city clerk, left, adminsters the oath of office to Williamsport Mayor Derek Slaughter, right, during the Inaugration Ceremony at Williamsport City Hall on Monday morning.

In a ceremonial inauguration Monday at City Hall, Mayor Derek Slaughter promised to lead an inclusive administration and correct what he perceives to be financial irregularities in city government.

“Today is the day we change the direction and history of our city,” Slaughter said. “We must get our financial house in order.”

He has not made an announcement about his department heads but said he would provide updates on decisions and keep the public informed.

Slaughter has vowed to lead an administration to work with City Council, businesses, community organizations, schools, churches and not-for-profits.

“I mean it,” he said, emphatically, of his role to reach out to various stakeholders — not only a few.

Patrick Marty, former councilman, said he considered the inauguration to be an important civic occasion.

“The late and great Dr. Randy Hipple once said that there is no one better loved than a former councilman, and while I have yet to find that to be true, I am nevertheless, honored to be speaking to you today,” Marty said.

“A proud past” must not provide cover for rigidity and intransigence, he said, adding, “change is healthy and openness to change is not only key to positive momentum, but also is the hallmark of a professional.”

Also taking oaths of public office at the service were new Councilmen Adam Yoder, Vincent Pulizzi and Jon Mackey.

Councilwoman Bonnie Katz, an incumbent, also took an oath of public office as did Margaret Woodring, controller, and Nicholas Grimes, treasurer and tax collector.

Marty noted how each bring their own perspectives, rich experiences, broad skill-sets and robust networks.

The city event “was a formal welcome and is a part of city code,” Norman Lubin, city solicitor, said.

The ceremony was marked with prayers and included music selections sung by Les Chanteuese and GQ, a Williamsport High School choir directed by Kent Weaver.


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