Stable genius?

There is a new book out titled “A Very Stable Genius. Donald Trump’s Testing of America.” The term “stable genius” is what President Trump has used several times when discussing himself, which he does incessantly. The new book reveals in detail how Trump’s behavior and knowledge reveal him to be anything but “stable” or a “genius.” Here is just one incident:

There is a meeting in a secure room at the Pentagon with members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and other high-ranking officials. The military leaders are attempting to illustrate to Trump how the many U.S. troop deployments and actions around the globe are what is keeping the country safe and keeping terrorism at arms length from the United States. Trump can only think in terms of winning or losing a war and angrily derides the generals to their faces as “losers,” “dopes and babies.” “I wouldn’t go to war with you people.” This from a man whose bone spurs (?) kept him from Vietnam.

These revelations come on top of yet another siphoning of $7.5 billion from the defense budget by Trump toward constructing his own personal Mount Rushmore — the wall. He’s taking money from the military just to pay homage to himself.

The book’s behind-the-scenes details reveal the lack of respect Trump has for the morals, laws, and founding principles of the United States. But should we be surprised by any of this? Is anyone really paying attention to the darkness of Trump? Why is there fear in the Republican party to speak out against Trump’s blatant dishonesty and corruption? Trump demands personal loyalty above all else — instead of loyalty to the country and the constitution. When will the blind loyalty stop?



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom