Morning coffee with a congressman

U.S. Rep. Fred Keller, R-Kreamer, and I went to the same high school, although at different times. I presume we had some of the same teachers. We apparently did not learn the same lessons in the field of economics. Keller’s “Blame It All on Biden” editorial on April 18 came across as just ...

Enough employees?

Seriously, I must of missed it, but really, why are there not enough people to fill all the job vacancies in every business around? Does anyone really know the answer or answers? KATLEEN SPOTTS Williamsport Submitted by Virtual Newsroom


Knowing or being associated with President Donald Trump or President Ronald Reagan does not qualify a Republican candidate to become governor of Pennsylvania or a U.S. senator from Pennsylvania or hold any other office. Saying that you are a conservative or that you support the police is not a ...

Matter of survival

Pennsylvania’s Republican legislature has again demonstrated its determination to block Governor Wolf’s efforts to protect our environment. Our lawmakers clearly care more about re-election; about pandering to big power companies, coal, oil and gas producers (many from out of state) than ...

Worried about stocking

The state Fish and Boat Commission stocked Larry’s Creek in Lycoming County in late April. Fish stocking is typically done by transferring the fish from the stocking truck to the streams in 5-gallon buckets. Stocked fish are most likely to survive when they are transferred from the truck to ...

Joe did that

A Sun-Gazette headline on May 5 read — PPL Electric announces 30% rate hike effective June 1. President Joe Biden did that for us with help from Tom Wolf and the Democratic Party. Thanks a lot, Joe. WILLIAM DINCHER Williamsport Submitted by Virtual Newsroom