Quirky comedy coming to Mill Hall

MILL HALL — Is it any wonder that the residents of “Popcorn Falls” are affectionately known as “kernels?”

David Leidholdt, otherwise known as Millbrook’s producing artistic director, has “Popcorn Falls,” a cancelled production from last summer, leading off the professional summer stock theatre’s expanded September -December, 2021 lineup.

“Popcorn Falls,” James Hindman’s quirky comedy, will be presented at 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 10, 11, 15–18, with 2 p.m. matinees on Sept 12, 15 & 18 on Millbrook’s Main Stage..

Millbrook’s production of this zany show is directed by Dr. Biliana Stoytcheva-Horissian (often referred to simply as “Dr. B” by Lycoming College students.)

This play has a couple of distinctive features, including a looney storyline. This little, sleepy town of “Popcorn Falls,” located somewhere in the middle of nowhere, has fallen on hard times.

The town’s namesake, namely its falls has dried up, and a dreaded bankruptcy appears to be the only solution. The kernels’ only hope for financial redemption is obtaining a huge grant. But there is a catch. The town will only get the money from the dastardy villain if it can present a play — in just a week.

One problem: There is neither a play to present nor a playhouse, and no one to write one.

The other unique feature of “Popcorn Falls” is that the cast of over 20 townsfolk is played by just two actors.

Early on, Millbrook’s audience is introduced to the two main characters — the new mayor Mr. Trundle and the town’s not-so-handy handyman Joe.

Leidholdt dubs the two actors who play all the roles (some of whom are non-speaking parts) as a dynamic duo. Millbrook Playhouse veterans Joshua Glover and Frank Franconeri head the cast — actually they are the entire cast!

“The show is not camp, but the characters’ eccentricities and passion can make them feel over the top,” Leidholdt said.

With glee and grace, and maybe with tongue in cheek, Millbrook’s production of “Popcorn Falls” answers the age-old question: Can art save the world?

Millbrook Playhouse: 258 Country Club Lane, Mill Hall, Pa.

Box office and Information: 570-748-8083; or visit info@millbrookplayhouse.org


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