Off-Broadway comedy coming to Mill Hall

MILL HALL — Some may call these Texas cheerleaders vivacious, but if they don’t know who J.F.K. is after his assassination, they might also be called airheads.

A popular Off-Broadway comedy for community theatres and colleges in the late 70’s, 80’s and 90’s “Vanities” has been adapted into a musical.

Producing Artistic Director David Leidholdt announces that “Vanities the Musical” will be presented on Millbrook’s Main Stage on Oct. 1 and Oct. 9.

Leidholt calls the musical “.. a funny, sexy and poignant look at the journey of these All-American women … celebrating the lives and loves of these three best friends caught up in the rapidly changing times.”

Tina Marie Casamento directs “Vanities the Musical,” with Mo Ortbal serving as music director.

The production staff notes that the musical was written to be presented in three acts, but sometimes “Vanities” has been divided into four acts.

The three women of “Vanities”are: Joanne, the naive, conservative Southern belle, whose sole desire is to get married and have children; Mary, the free-spirited, sexual adventurous rebel; and Kathy, the popular planner and unofficial leader of the group, but who can appear somewhat directionless and perhaps depressed.

Like the original non-musical (which I saw twice), “Vanities the Musical” follows the trio’s journey from their high school cheerleading to their college sorority house, and then finally six years later when they meet up for old times’ sake.

But at their “reunion”, each of the trio realizes that times have changed — and so has the three women — and they now argue about their lives and relationships. But in the end, they realize that they remain the best of friends.

Unless COVID 19 restrictions are notably reduced or reversed, Millbrook Playhouse will require that all staff, patrons and guests wear a mask while in the theatre building, regardless of their vaccination status.

Millbrook Playhouse: 258 Country Club Lane, Mill Hall

Box-office and Information: 570-748-8083; or visit www.millbrookplayhouse.org.


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