Billtown Blues Association announces new officers

The Billtown Blues Association Inc, BBA, a local non-profit organization dedicated to community arts, announces a change in elected officers and appointed board members.

Replacing recent retiree, Bill Van Campen, who served the Billtown Blues Association as President for 26 years, is South Williamsport resident, Tom Butler.

Tom brings extensive knowledge of the work and purpose of the BBA as he is a long time BBA member and served as Vice President until stepping in as President in January. Tom is a CAD Draftsman employed by Pennram in Williamsport.

Elected to replace Tom as vice president is current BBA board member Jared Mondell. Mondell is assistant director and marketing director of the Uptown Music Collective.

Rounding out the executive slate are Secretary, Teri MacBride, and Treasurer, Charlie Lockard.

Newly appointed BBA board members are Lori Butler and Patty Robbins. Lori Butler is employed as a Production Team Associate at Williamsport based Pneu-dart; Patty Robbins is employed by UC Board of Review.

Both Lori and Robbins serve the Williamsport area as volunteers in multiple capacities and are avid supporters of promoting community arts. Lori and Robbins join Christoper Kulp, Bernie Strosser, and Dave Stricker as BBA Board members.