Evangelical Community Hospital named one of healthiest companies in US

Interactive Health recently named 151 employers as the “Healthiest Companies in America,” and Evangelical Community Hospital was one of 11 in Pennsylvania to earn the honor. According to the news release, the annual award recognizes corporations that have invested in and improved the health of their workers.

To be named, awardees reached or exceeded a 70 percent participation rate in their workplace wellness program and their workforce’s overall health risk was low, based on the results of an annual workforce health evaluation.

Through year-round personalized digital tools, coaching, wellness challenges, and fresh information about health topics, Interactive Health taps into innovative ways to help companies like Evangelical improve the health of their employees, the news release said. In the second year of utilizing Interactive Health as an approach to employee wellness, Evangelical has already seen the workforce not just participate, but achieve personal health goals.

“Knowing that a healthier workforce is more productive, has less absenteeism, and sees lower healthcare costs, a coordinated wellness program that takes into account all areas of wellness was something we wanted for our employees,” said Rachel Smith, vice president of human resources at Evangelical.

Evangelical has always had a strong emphasis on employee health. In addition to the support provided by Interactive Health, the Hospital offers an EvanWELL initiative that includes many different avenues of support including Evangelical Community Health and Wellness programs and health coaching, an Employee Assistance Program, an EvanCARES support system for employees experiencing emotional impact from critical incidents, and the creation of a wellness committee to keep the needs of the employees at the forefront to add new or enhance existing programs.

“We’ve found our approach to wellness to be transformative and the benefits have gone beyond the obvious. Our employees are now connecting through activity, like keeping each other on track with eating and physical activity goals and supporting and encouraging self-care to prevent burnout,” continued Smith.


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