Nesco Resource links people to jobs

Nesco Resource is a national staffing agency with more than 100 offices across the U.S. including in Williamsport.

Located at 454 Pine St., in the former City Hall building, the local branch works with between 35 and 40 company clients looking to fill temporary and permanent job positions.

Beth Kaiser, branch manager, explained how the process works.

“Let’s say a client comes to us for a need for a position,” she said. “We post it. We have a tracking system.”

A company, in turn, can select people from the Nesco system who are a good fit for their needs.

Kaiser said most of the positions are long term jobs.

“We do have situations when we need people at the last minute,” she said.

During the early weeks of COVID-19 when many businesses shut down or curtailed operations, Nesco didn’t miss a beat, continuing to match people with jobs.

“We went to a virtual recruiting model,” she said.

With a laugh, Kaiser likened her business to that of a matchmaker, linking people whose skills and needs are a good fit for a company.

“We are happy when we help clients and people,” she said.

People of all ages, skill levels and experiences come to Nesco for their employment needs.

Employment seekers include retirees looking for part-time temporary positions or people suddenly out of work from other jobs.

Kaiser was asked what makes Nesco unique.

“We are able to adapt to the needs of our clients,” she said. “If a client needs something special, we can change things on a dime.”

Summer is typically the busiest time for Nesco with the winter months bringing a slowdown.

Such wasn’t the case this past winter.

Meanwhile, this summer is as busy as ever.

Kaiser feels staffing agencies are a necessary part of putting many people to work.

“Applying for jobs is different now,” she said. “Candidates like to go through us.”

Across the nation, Nesco works with both professional and commercial clients.

“We are mostly commercial here,” Kaiser said, noting that her office fills jobs for the most part in light industrial and clerical work settings.

Nesco’s Williamsport branch has earned the 2020 Best of Staffing award for providing “remarkable service” to its clients.

The local office started up in 2011, taking over DePasquale Staffing Services.

Kaiser is one of five employees working out of the office which covers a region extending west to Jersey Shore and east to Bloomsburg and as far south as Selinsgrove

“At the end of the day, it’s a good feeling to put someone to work,” Kaiser said. “You’ve made a great connection.”


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