Williamsport crimewatch website given positive recommendation

A $6,000 a year residential and business surveillance camera registry that is on city police platform was given a positive recommendation Tuesday by City Council’s public safety committee.

Crimewatch, if approved by City Council, will cost the city $3,000 a year, with half the cost paid for by Lycoming County District Attorney Ryan Gardner, city Police Chief Damon R. Hagan said.

The interactive site includes a digital platform giving the ability to give police crime tips, provide the public information on how to and who to contact for specific crimes, and allow those with surveillance cameras to register their home and business cameras to assist police in solving crimes or investigations.

The site will be a tab on the city website.

“Obviously, the site itself can be pushed out to social media,” Hagan said.

City Police Capt. Justin Snyder will be responsible for keeping the site updated as will Capt. Jason Bolt.

“We have a pretty good idea of a beginning plan,” Hagan said. “We think we can start small and change as times goes on.”

The site provides a place for residential and commercial surveillance camera registration. Once registered, the police have information — to be kept confidential — in case they need to access the footage, Hagan said.

The site is working for Manheim Township Police Department in York County, he said.


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