Audit the Vote data from 2020 election called into question

While Audit the Vote PA says its volunteers found people insisting they didn’t vote in the 2020 election despite state records showing they did — so-called “phantom voters” — Lancaster daily newspaper LNP found the volunteers often took the word of spouses, parents, tenants, roommates and children — not the actual voter.

The canvassers, according to LNP’s report, also made unsure answers sound definitive, often failed to confirm that the person lived at the relevant address at the relevant time, and overestimated irregularities.

In an interview with LNP, Audit the Vote’s CEO, Toni L. Shuppe, acknowledged problems with how data was collected. Still, she said the results of the 2020 election “can’t be trusted.”

A new F&M College poll found about 72% of registered Republicans in Pennsylvania don’t like the way the state government manages elections. Surveys also have found that Republican voters were far more likely to be swayed by the persistent claims of voter fraud coming from former President Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers, according to reports by NPR.

There is no proof of widespread voter fraud in 2020, and the Associated Press reported that every suspected isolated case combined wouldn’t be enough to change the outcome in six battleground states.

The cases could not throw the outcome into question even if all the potentially fraudulent votes were for Biden — which they were not — and even if those ballots were actually counted — which in most cases they were not, according to the AP’s examination of election data published in December of 2021. The review showed no collusion intended to rig the voting, with virtually every case based on individuals acting alone to cast additional ballots. The findings build on a mountain of other evidence that the election wasn’t rigged, including verification of the results by Republican governors.

The AP touted its review as a months-long process that included more than 300 local election offices and “is one the most comprehensive examinations of suspected voter fraud.”


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