Similarities between USA and USSR

Do you know what the initials USSR stand for? United Soviet Socialist Republic. Where is the word communist found? It’s not there. I found an original constitution of USSR published in 1918. I have my own copy of The Constitution of the United States. What got my interest was the word “socialism” that is mentioned by some individuals on the Democratic ticket to run against President Trump. So let us get started.

The initial USSR constitution does not mention the word communism but continues to mention socialism through its document. The constitution mentions commissariat and commissar. The first thing in the constitution is the taking away of all personal property — the home you thought was yours is now the people’s; the vehicle is also the people’s, your bank account no long exists; education, banks, industry, business and farm land, plus all the water, minerals, coal, oil, forest and unexplored resources not discovered. Every thing owned now becomes the property of the people and government of the people. So what is given to the working, peasant, and military? There will be jobs for everyone; there is no welfare. “He shall not eat who does not work.” Education is provided to the worker free of any charges. The church is eliminated from government. Health care, housing, and heat are provided. But look into the apartment size. The people are provided arms; arms are taken away for those who were the exploiters. There is a required duty to serve in the military.

The constitution also provides for “foreigners who seek refuge from political or religious persecution.” But control comes “granting and canceling Russian citizenship and fixing rights of foreigners.” “Persons who have been deprived by a Soviet of their rights of citizenship because of selfish or dishonorable offenses, for the period fixed by the sentence.” In traveling around Soviet country, where the USA took in South Koreans, USSR took in North Koreans; where we took in South Vietnamese, they took in North Vietnamese. Control rests with the people’s government.

There are provisions for taxing but no explanation of a process.

There is a paragraph granting voting to everyone regardless of color, race, ethnicity and gender. There is a paragraph on farm workers’ housing for living but not owning.

Here is the kicker for those running for the Democratic presidency and the term “democratic socialism.” This term does not exist. I have no idea; are those running for socialism ready to give up their wealth, property, for the good of socialism? Ask them.

The actual government reminds me of a pyramid. From the bottom up, the pattern of government is identical. Rights of the people are noted and sent up to the next level till it gets to the top, if it ever does.

Over the years I have experienced some of what the “people” experienced. I have experienced shortages in the variety of consumer goods. I have experienced socialistic medicine. I have experienced travel restrictions. I learned how people survived and did things to annoy the government. I also had the opportunity to see the vacation site guaranteed for the workers. Party members had the equivalence of a five-star hotel; this was only four blocks from where I was living. I did not see those provided for the worker. I also have seen how the USSR stole from the countries they occupied and sent back to their country “made in the USSR.” Like the subway in Prague. If you go there now it may have been replaced.

My theory is the USSR would have collapsed before WW II. Two things happened: the USA kept the country going with supplies of food and arms. The second thing to help Stalin was his built up army; this allowed him to develop gulags after the war. With the structure of government, Stalin was at the top and had the ability to send millions to Siberia.

In many cases, survival for citizens was based on a bartering system; if one can repair autos he could trade skills with a plumber. One in a skilled trade could exist; government workers had little skills to barter.



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