The election desperation of the DNC

After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the world-wide exposure of the economic bankruptcy and gulag lifestyle of communism, all reasonable humans might assume that totalitarianism had been permanently discredited and terminally retired to the freak museum of human history.

But just as children and the weather always surprise us with unexpected turns, so do history and politics. So now we see the Democratic Party allying itself with such intolerant and even totalitarian groups as Antifa and Black Lives Matter. These and other such ruthless power organizations admit to their origins in violence and Marxism as even the co-founder of BLM, Patrisse Cullors, concedes. And their policies share a common core. First, America has been found guilty of existing. Second, the only possible corrective for America’s sin of blighting the earth is America’s extermination. Third, the curse of Western civilization, including its oppressive institutions of free market capitalism and families founded on fathers and mothers, must also be abolished. Only then will history be liberated. And then America and the West will be replaced by a total utopian government where everyone will be happy by law.

The history of America has been replete with extremist anti-America groups: the Democratic secessionists in the 1860s; the anarchist liberals in the 1920s; the socialist-democratic students in the 1960s. Thus the alliance of Democrats with socialism and violence is nothing new. One of FDR’s first acts as president was his eager recognition of communist Russia.

The current alliance of the DNC with violent and hateful extremism is therefore easy to understand and even explain. The DNC now has no moderate and reasonable policies to offer middle America. That’s because Trump has been implementing them all with great social and economic success pre-COVID-19. Therefore, like a child denying itself what it wants but which it cannot have, the DNC is now trying to create the illusion that there is no middle America, but only two extremes: theirs and Trump’s. And the DNC through its media shouts all day long that its socialist extremisms of utopian violence and the AR-15 Summer of Love are better than Trump’s “mad” pro-America pro-Republic policies. The DNC leaders even blame their own rage-crazed anarchy on Trump. Trump makes them do it! Therefore anything the DNC and its associate thugs do — including looting and shooting — is justifiable because of Trump! That’s cunning rhetoric, but it’s lousy truthfulness.

Moderate Democrats all across America need to be aware that not only is DNC allying itself with violence, hatred, and lies. But the technique has been tried before. Moderates in Germany made such an alliance once for a quick political fix. They cultivated the Nazis’ favor because they couldn’t beat their political opponents in the free elective forum of moderation and law. The idea was that once the Nazis’ violent and fulminating head oaf was forcibly elected, they’d use Hitler like a puppet for their own more reasonable ends. But Hitler was the master puppeteer, not them. And by pulling their strings he made them step to his dance of death, ruining their lives and wrecking their country.

Americans who are moderate Democrats: You need to recognize the desperate and now radical ways of the DNC, and then vote positively for what was once your great party’s great core: good paying industrial jobs made in America for a strong and reliant middle class. That’s Trump’s policy now. But the DNC, having abandoned a strong domestic economy and the American middle, now hates Trump for it. Of course, if you can’t stand voting for Trump — his orange hair, his clumsy speech, his endless “greater than ever” snake oil claims — then you should at least vote against the DNC’s radical violence — by voting for Trump. You’re allowed to hold your nose in American polling places! It’s still a free country and not the United State-Zones of CHOP. The alternative is dire. If you vote into power a party which supports armed and intolerant civic mayhem and terroristic murder, you should expect Antifa-like state security forces to arrive outside your business or your home some day — or some night. They’ll be there to get you because of reports of your incorrect thinking overheard by anonymous neighbors or faceless employees. It won’t matter which. You’ll be punished without trial. You won’t need a trial. You’re already guilty of having admitted to being an American! If you doubt it, just ask Germany what happens when you vote foolishly.




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