Finns create temporary artwork on golf course

ASSOCIATED PRESS The complex geometric pattern formed from thousands of footsteps in the snow in Espoo, Finland, Monday. The art work design measuring about 160 meters in diameter was made by volunteers in snowshoes under the guidance of Espoo resident and amateur artist Janne Pyykko, but the ephemeral work will only last until the next snowfall or heavy winds.

HELSINKI (AP) — An ephemeral artwork made with thousands of footsteps in the snow has captured attention near Finland’s capital of Helsinki.

Under the guidance of local resident and amateur artist Janne Pyykko, 11 snowshoe-clad volunteers stamped a series of complex geometric patterns on a golf course. Together, the designs resemble a huge snowflake.

The artwork, which was completed over two days, measures about 525 feet in diameter. Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat said it could be the largest snow-drawing ever made in the Nordic country.

“This was a way for me to develop as a human being,” Pyykko, who is inspired by visual effects and has created smaller snow illustrations by himself, told the newspaper. “I wanted to learn how to inspire people and see if I could guide them.”

Pyykko says the drawing is best observed from the air, but he told Finnish media Wednesday that mapping out the patterns for snowshoers to follow within a set area of the Lofkulla golf course required a great deal of on the ground planning.

The work was designed to be temporary, lasting only until the next snowfall or heavy winds erase the footprints.


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