Kolb ‘stunned’ with Ecumenical Service Award

The Ecumenical Service Award was presented to Louis J. Kolb at the United Churches of Lycoming County 74th Annual Assembly Thursday. The assembly was held virtually via Zoom.

Kolb, a member of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, was recognized for the ways in which he has extended the mission of local churches through his leadership and support.

“I have to say that ‘I am stunned’ would be a gross understatement,” Kolb said, on hearing he had received the award.

“I have been involved with this organization I guess for 10 years. I have listened to many of these awards being given out. I’ve always been amazed at the list of accomplishments from people…and I never expected to find myself among them, but God is full of surprises I guess,” Kolb added.

While at St. Mark’s, Kolb served on the church council, as a Sunday school teacher, lay reader, committee member and lay preacher.

He volunteered with the Yokefellow Prison Ministry as an in-person volunteer group leader and an Area Council member.

Kolb had been a familiar broadcaster in the area for 45 years and had served on the broadcasting committee of the United Churches, developing podcasts as well as serving on the personnel committee and as president.

“It’s been among the most fulfilling times of my life, serving in several facets here at UCLC — and some of them at times have been among the scariest times in my life,” Kolb shared.

He spoke of his time developing podcasts for the group.

“We were looking for something to do with the broadcast committee after we lost our broadcast time on WRAK. And, I was the one I believe who came up with a suggestion of doing a podcast,” he said.

He said that everyone thought that was a great idea and then he shared that he realized that he was probably going to be the one to do it, whether he knew how to or not.

“I did a devotion once before one of the meetings and I talked about comfort zones. I knew this was going to be difficult because I had never produced a podcast and it involves working with an audio program that was enormously complex that I had to learn. I did learn enough of it to get a few podcasts done,” he said.

“Even though it was way out of my comfort zone in doing that. But we serve a God who is in the business of taking us out of our comfort zone. So don’t be afraid to do that to step out if you’re asked. It’s been my experience that when God takes us out of our comfort zone He always takes us to some place better,” he added.

The award also acknowledged Kolb’s service as a lay reader and prayer giver at community services and as a member of the United Churches Board of Directors having served as its president. Kolb was also a member of the Board of Directors of North Central Sight Services.


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