Are you as racist as Uber?

Anyone who feels that being black in the United States has little or no consequence is almost, beyond a shadow of a doubt, not black. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve come a long way in my lifetime. But, seriously, how many white people would sincerely believe that their life would be no different if they were born black. If you are having difficulty answering the question, consider this….

If you were black, your household income would likely be 40 percent lower; you would be less likely to have a college degree; be 40 percent less likely to own your home; almost three times more likely to be raised by a single parent, and five times more likely to spend time in prison.

So, it’s pretty clear that there is a problem. The solution involves figuring out why black people are doing so poorly compared to whites. And the answer can’t just be racism. Racists do not control the vast majority of the educational and career opportunities for the black population.

Such an overt conspiracy against the black population is an utterly ridiculous proposition, especially since Democrats – you know, the party that accuses the other party of being racists – have been exercising near exclusive control for more than a generation over schools and government in areas with large black populations.

We live in a time when we need to come up with real solutions, because what we’ve been doing clearly has not worked. Unfortunately, real solutions take a back seat to accusations of racism. The left has failed the black population so miserably that their cupboard has been laid bare. So bare, that they are reduced to baldly accusing just about any conservative of being a racist because they fear blacks may be tempted to consider conservative solutions since liberal ideas have failed them.

Such accusations should be reserved for actual racists, like the KKK, Nazis, and actual white supremacist groups. The conservative columnist/speaker Ben Shapiro has been accused of being a white supremacist. Look him up. It is a laughable accusation. But, we live in a time when the accusation can be made against anyone and everyone that is conservative.

How can the left get away with these scurrilous accusations of racism. The simple fact is the accusation can be made against almost any group if you are willing to engage in a little creative thinking. It goes something like this.

Uber and Lyft are hate groups. How, you say? Well, who are they taking work from? Cab drivers, that’s who. Who drives cabs? Minorities are far more likely to drive a cab, and Uber and Lyft drivers are primarily white. Plus “Uber” is a German word which is a “dog whistle” for Nazis and white supremacist. While I do not believe for one second that Uber and Lyft are racist groups, under the left’s loose standards for slanderous accusations, if you use Uber or Lyft, you could be labeled a racist.

I don’t know of any conservatives who do not acknowledge that racism still exists and that blacks are being left behind. They blame liberal policies for the destruction of black families and failing schools in black neighborhoods. They propose school choice as a solution to help black students have better opportunities education-wise because education is viewed as the universal key to escaping poverty and achieving prosperity.

Can you believe those horrible racist conservatives wanting black children in neighborhoods with failing schools to have the same educational opportunities as white children who get to attend better schools. They’ve got a lot of nerve.

As to actual racism, there will always be uneducated, vile people who hate those that are different from themselves. It exists today, but not to the levels it did 40 years ago and, hopefully, 40 years from now it will largely be relegated to the history books.

So, watch who you label a racist. They really are few and far between. Save the accusation for the real racist. A wise person told me that you should always assume that others act with the best of intentions. Rather than ascribe a bad intent to someone’s actions or statements, you should always assume the most noblest of intents or motivation because you really don’t know someone else’s motivations unless they tell you.

Isn’t that what you would want others to do for you? So, let’s stop throwing around accusations of racism so willy nilly, and let’s ignore those that seem only to have that particular weapon in their box of tools. No one wants to be called a racist, and the simple fact is that the vast majority of people in the United States are not racists. I know many conservatives are very upset that the media has ascribed racism and hate with anything and everything right wing, or conservative. It really is maddening when you are branded with an intent or emotion you do not possess.

Now, every person who is reading this who has been offended by the implication that just because their political views lean right, they can be labeled a racist, needs to consider whether they are guilty of the same thing.

Do you watch the NFL players taking a knee during the anthem and assume that each and every one of them are kneeling out of disrespect for their country? Have you refused to consider that there are players who have chosen to kneel – not sit, lay down, turn their back, or stretch – but kneel, to try to show both respect for their country and military, while also trying to bring attention to the fact that the black population in the US has been disproportionately left behind? Are you just as guilty as those that accuse all conservatives of being racists? I was.

I felt personally offended by what I believed was an affront to the country I love. But as ineffectual as I personally believe the protest to be because it alienates many who otherwise agree with the reason for the protest, I was wrong to assume disrespect and a lack of patriotism on the part of the players who kneel. Until I learn otherwise, I am going to ascribe good intentions to every kneeler. After all, kneeling is a universal sign of respect and the numbers don’t lie, black America has been left behind.

So, stop allowing others to divide us and let’s come together and arrive at real solutions because I can think of no legitimate reason why being born black should be the main determinative factor in whether you get to lead a successful life. Can you?

Zicolello is a local attorney.


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