Cass and The Bailout Crew to debut original album

PHOTO SUBMITTED From left: Nick Laylon, bass player, Mike Wrench Jr., drummer, Cass Chatham, vocalist, and Mike Steppe, guitarist and vocalist.

The original debut album “Room to Breathe” featuring various rock-influenced musical genres, by local band, Cass and The Bailout Crew, is hitting iTunes, Spotify, Apple and Amazon music platforms May 21.

“All of the members come from different influences and you can hear that in the songs,” says Mike Steppe, guitarist and vocalist.

Cass Chatham, vocalist, Mike Wrench Jr., drummer, and Nick Laylon, bass player, alongside Steppe have helped create this “Americana Country underbelly” to this roots rock band from the Jersey Shore, Lock Haven and Williamsport areas.

All 10 songs, which are written by Steppe and Chatham, have messages about relationships, both dark and lighthearted, according to Steppe.

“We like to build the music to serve the lyric,” Steppe said. “The vocals are prominent.”

He added that these “story” songs have messages of typical breakups, relationships with overbearance as well as fun “rocker” songs about a budding relationship.

“The song ‘Got Me Where You Want Me’ is a fun rocker. … the lyrics are fun, the music is fun,” Steppe said.

He added that another song, “January Fool” feels like a 70s country song and tells the story of a character who is brought into a person’s life, just to be pushed away when they aren’t needed.

Two of his favorites are “Room to Breathe” and “The Storm,” which was released on April 16.

He added that ‘Room to Breathe’ is a more “diverse” song that has reggae influences.

” ‘The Storm’ is one that has received a lot of positive feedback,” Steppe said.

The day after the album release, Cass and The Bailout Crew can be seen and heard at the Cellblock, May 22, at 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. performing their new album alongside some fan favorite covers.

For more information and to purchase tickets for their album release show at the Cellblock, please visit: www.cassandthebailoutcrew.com.


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