Customers dig for deals at Billtown Binz

Bringing a new type of discount store into the area is Billtown Binz, at 433 Hepburn St., where customers dig for their deals.

“The idea originated in the Midwest,” said Bob Wise, owner. “I thought, ‘there’s nothing like this around here.’ So we brought the idea back.”

On the floor space are 120 large bins filled with unsold goods from places like Target, Amazon, Walmart and Kohls, which are spaced evenly apart for social distancing guidelines, he said.

Wise and his son traveled to the Midwest several times in the past months to learn the business from a discount store.

The supplier he buys from sorts the items to separate themed bins with special care to keep breakables or potentially sharp objects away from other products.

Those are placed on tables and shelves in Billtown Binz.

“I’m getting a very clean bin and that was important to us,” he said.

Any products that appear to be used or damaged are disposed of, as Wise and his employees work through the items.

There are many plans for different themed bins ranging from Halloween, back-to-school, toys, sporting goods, and more.

The model is a “Win-win,” said Wise.

“I could work with my son and have the opportunity to spend a few years with him before he goes off and starts his family, but I also saw how the community could benefit from this,”

Items which would have sold for much more, are instead sold for $7 at the most, allowing people to have access to goods that they might not otherwise.

“We’re allowing people to get some valuable merchandise at a reasonable price, and we’re able to do that by buying in bulk,” said Wise.

As unique as a store focused on having customers pick their products out of a bin, is their pricing scale.

“They pick the price that they pay. They can choose to buy it at $5 day or they can gamble and see if they can get it on $3 or $2 day, or maybe just wait until ligation day on Friday at $1,” said Wise.

From Saturday, where the pricing starts at $7 per item, the price lowers by a dollar each day.

“The altruist in me tells me that I can’t wait until Christmas time,” he said. “In general, the values for our community, geographically with the neighborhood that we’re in, what a wonderful thought that we would provide a better Christmas for people.”

The area has welcomed his business as many customers are excited with their purchases, he said.

“I haven’t had a negative response, It has been so overwhelmingly positive — I am so happy and pleased,” said Wise.


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