Kallective Wellness offers first aid, CPR training

Abdul-Malik Walker and Anthony Kidd Jr. had been friends since they were in middle school, so when they found there was a void in the community for CPR and first aid training, they decided to combine their years of experience and open Kallective Wellness in the Pajama Factory, 1307 Park Ave., Suite 9-334.

They initially began the business in March during the beginning of the pandemic which caused a delay, and then relaunched in June. With new guidelines that the American Heart Association just released at the end of October, Walker that they are excited to provide the latest services to their clients.

Walker explained that people in the community had been able to receive CPR training at a local hospital as well as at several fire departments, but that this is no longer the case.

“There is definitely a void the community has that we hope to fill,” he said.

Kallective Wellness offers American Heart Association courses in basic life support which is geared toward the health professional. They also have American Red Cross training for those in the childcare profession and anything of that nature, Walker said.

Both groups also offer classes for the lay person, such as friends and family members.

“We have an assortment of classes to teach anybody in the public,” he said. “Whether this is a service they need to maintain employment or just as a life skill.”

“We definitely try to get all of the public, to have an assortment of classes to teach anybody in the public how to save a life,” he added.

Walker noted that Kallective Wellness offers fully up-to-date equipment. They also utilize the new manikins for CPR training featuring CPR feedback so that the student receives instant updates during training.

Courses offer training in adult and pediatric first aid, CPR, and basic life support as well as training in the use of an automated external defibrillator.

They also offer a babysitting class. An added plus for girls in the Girl Scout program is that the course can be used to earn a badge, Walker noted.

Looking ahead, Walker said that Kallective Wellness is planning to have a wilderness first aid class in the spring, possibly at a state park.

“We’re trying to offer a variety of first aid courses for people in different environments so that they always know what to do in any emergency situation,” he said.

Instructors for the classes are Walker and Kidd who are certified across various disciplines.

“We both have taken a lot of time to acquire the disciplines so that we can meet anyone and offer them a class,” he stated.

“The American Heart Association has a big push right now with the updated guidelines and we’re excited to get them out to the people so they have the latest information. Some people need it for employment, so we’ve got to keep them current,” he added.

Kallective Wellness has classes that can be scheduled by appointment and also regular class hours on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Discounts are also offered for groups of five or more people. The phone number at Kallective Wellness is: 570-360-8188. More information about the specifics of the classes offered can be found on their website: www.kallectivewellness.com.


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