Reflections in Nature: Witch hazel tree is quite remarkable


Have you ever been surprised to see a tree that appeared as if someone had tied yellow ribbons on its bare branches? “Witch-hazel blossoms in the fall, to cure the chills and fayvers all.” It’s from “The Sager Witch” by Ernest Thompson Seaton. The witch hazel is classified as ...

Williamsport splash pads explored for recreation

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The city of Williamsport administration said it is exploring splash pads, accessible and designed play areas for children to cool off in summer without having to go to the swimming pool. The splash pad locations, ideally, could be connected to existing water line services, according to city ...

Bench warrants issued for three in separate cases

Police Fire and Court

A bench warrant has been filed for the arrest of a Texas woman after she failed to appear this week for her preliminary hearing on a state police DUI charge. Ericka C. David, 41, of Houston, was believed to be under the influence of alcohol about 1 p.m. on Aug. 2 when police were called to ...

Colin Powell dies, exemplary general stained by Iraq claims

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Colin Powell, the boundary-breaking military leader and diplomat whose sterling reputation of service to Republican and Democratic presidents was stained by his faulty claims to justify the 2003 U.S. war in Iraq, died Monday of COVID-19 complications. He was 84. A veteran of the Vietnam War, ...

Vigil of Remembrance and Hope honors those lost to domestic violence

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It was a solemn ceremony. Candle after candle, each in memory of a person who died at the hands of someone they thought they could trust, lit the stage. And with each lit candle, these people were given life once more as names, memories and the details of their deaths were shared by loved ...

Police: Woman gave false ID when arrested last week

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The woman arrested and jailed on charges of allegedly trying to set fire to a chair outside an apartment at the Victorian Gardens, 653 Hepburn St., on Friday morning will face an additional misdemeanor charge of giving a false identity to law enforcement, city police said Sunday. When she ...