Jefferson Square offers flexible renting

Looking for a place to rent for a short amount of time is not commonplace. Most apartments require a year contract which forces people staying for a couple months to live out of hotels.

Jefferson Square Properties, 726 Washington Blvd., allows its residents to choose month-to-month rent or year leasing for one or two bedroom fully-furnished apartments. There are 23 rooms with approximately 1,000 sq. ft. each.

Each room comes with sheets, pots and pans, silverware, refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, microwave and coffeemaker, said Marianne Redden, the book keeper. The top two floors have washers and dryers in the rooms while those on the groundfloor can utilize the public laundry room.

There is a gym equipped with free weights and cardio machines, a conference room and weekly maid service.

The building used to belong to the Williamsport Area School District as Thomas Jefferson Elementary School until the 80s when Orrin Thomas bought it, turning it into apartments. John Jahanshahi purchased the building in 2004 and has been the owner ever since.

Jahanshahi has turned the complex into a “home away from home,” said Redden. Since residents can stay for a few months at a time, it is similar to a hotel but is more like an apartment because of the amenities.

“It’s quiet and people get their privacy which I would say is our biggest value,” she said.

She also stated that each room being fully-furnished sets it apart from a hotel and their leasing and renting plans sets them apart from most apartments.

This short term housing allows individuals who are in the city for temporary work, people looking for a new place to live or are in-between selling their home and moving to another location a nice place to stay, said Redden.

“Some have been here for over a year while others were here with the gas industry and left,” she said.

Most of the time, they have no vacancies.

For more information contact Redden at 322-7623 or visit jeffersonsquare.com.