Couple arraigned on firearm charges

Timothy Kuhns II, a convicted felon, knew very well he was prohibited from buying or even possessing a firearm, so he had his wife fill out the necessary paperwork ...

Cribs for Kids helps infants sleep safely

“Infants should sleep alone, on their backs and in an empty crib.” This frequently-recited line encompasses the A-B-Cs of safe sleep, as set by the American ...

Historic fentanyl border bust shows enormity of problem

Tony DiSalvo: A life lived to benefit of our community

People in business

New account manager at brokerage firm Clarissa Paige has joined the Williamsport branch of Swift Kennedy & Associates as an Account Manager. She will assist ...

How businesses can save on health insurance costs

Bonner Sport & RV expands to new location

There has been an on and off push for term limits to senators and congressmen over the years. Your thoughts.

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