Interior design company moving to city

After serving the area for over 26 years in premium quality interior design, Timeless Furniture and Interiors will be relocating to Aspen Square, at the corner of Pine Street and Little League Boulevard in the city.

The company will be having a grand opening celebration during First Friday festivities from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. July 6.

“I like the location because we’re easily accessible. People know where that is,” said Seidel Shiffer, co-owner. “It’s more downtown, but it’s not in the hard to find parking area. We’ll have a whole parking lot.”

He said it makes things easier for the deliveries and the drivers to bring in furniture.

“Both vendors and outgoing deliveries to homes will be better. We try to make the delivery experience amazing,” he said. “You’ve got to get that ‘wow’ experience, so deliveries are an important part of that.”

Shiffer co-owns the company with Carol Bower.

“She handles the business and financial matters … She is the backbone of Timeless. She is the rock,” he said. “She keeps us all together.”

Shiffer is the creative force behind the designs. He said he has been designing all of his life, including painting his childhood room constantly.

Originally from the Beavertown area, he said Williamsport was the perfect place for him to start up a business.

“I’ve been in the interior design business for a long time … I didn’t want to move too far away from home,” he said. “This town needs good furniture. It needs good design. It needs someone who can take your space and put it into a plan that makes sense.”

He said it’s important to keep an entire room in mind when designing instead of picking individual pieces.

“You don’t build a house without a plan. You rarely get on a plane without thinking about where it’s supposed to land. You know where you’re going when you get on,” he said. “When you start a room, you should know how it’s going to look before you start buying pieces.”

Having a plan in mind is a breath of fresh air to so many people who buy an individual piece only to find it doesn’t fit in the space they need.

“We put the whole room together in the plan, even if you just want a piece of furniture … I still want to see where that chair is going to go,” he said. “Then, I can measure space, find the right chair and find the right look.”

He said he can create a bigger plan that includes replacing items over time, like someone who may only want to purchase a chair now, but may want to replace a sofa down the road.

They can put things together, keep them and wait until the time is right to move forward with each piece.

“We’ll put it into the plan, and then whenever you’re ready, we’ll proceed,” he said.

While the typical clientele for interior design may be considered more high end, they can meet needs for a budget, too.

“Our typical clients are anyone who needs help finding the right pieces for their house.

We can work within most any budget, and we’ve got financing,” he said. “We’ve got options.”

He said there are plenty of high quality, high end products, but there are many that are more affordable without sacrificing quality as well.

“I also felt it very important to bring in some middle of the road lines that are not an arm and a leg, not really expensive, but are still very good quality,” he said. “You can get some furniture that’s going to last but are still very, very reasonably priced.”

For more information, call 570-322-7803.